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Since 2013, hundreds of pre-teen girls and their parents have learned together about the physical, social, and emotional changes that happen in puberty. I have been giving talks on puberty at schools, troops and private groups and this talk has become one of my favorite things that I get to do.

It all started with my friend Kim who came back from a school year in San Francisco and told me about a mother-daughter class that she took there. Once she started telling me about what they talked about I thought to myself, this is what I am talking about 1:1 with middle school girls in my sessions every week! 

In my sessions it felt like such private conversations, often filled with questions about their periods, arguments with parents, feeling moody, crying for no reason and friendships issues. 

This class sparked an idea for me to formally create a class that  would be based upon what the girls are talking to me about. I would add in the social and emotional issues that are going on for girls and keep up with the latest issues going on.

The class has been a big success and I have collected years of feedback and questions and now I am ready to share this class with even more girls and their parents.

So...sit down, grab a drink, some snacks and get comfy. We are going to explore the changes all girls go through. Girls, you'll learn the facts about what will change in your life, how to best take care of yourself, and how to manage the sometimes difficult changes that come along with puberty. Parents, you will learn signs and symptoms to look for, conversation starters and communication skills that are aimed to help improve your relationship with your daughter during this often challenging time.

I want to create a community of supporting parents here. Please take a moment and introduce yourself, and if you wish, your daughter in the comments below. Leave me questions, comments and feedback.

I can't wait to hear from you!

A welcome message from Dr. Ziegler

Hi, welcome to Start with the Talk! You are about to begin a parent-daughter class aimed for girls ages 8-12 in which you talk about all things puberty! This means you will learn all about a girl's changing body, brain, moods and interests. So many moms have told me that no one ever talked to them about "this stuff" and how helpful and different things would have been if they would have.

So, get comfortable, relax and get ready to deepen your relationship with one another. I am so happy you are here!

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Physical Changes in Puberty

We will begin our journey with the physical changes your body will go through. 

For some, this is an exciting time, for others it can be very stressful and even a little scary.

In these lessons, I will guide you through what your body will go through, when you might see changes happening, why these changes happen, and how you can make this a time of celebration without fear or worry.

Puberty, your body, and what is going to happen

In this lesson you will learn:

  • what puberty means
  • what to expect during this time
  • why this time is so important

Female genitalia and reproductive organs

In this lesson you will learn:

  • your growing and changing body 
  • what a period is
  • how to manage your periods
  • pads and tampons
  • the importance of celebrating this time in your life


In this lesson you will learn:

  • why your body gets stinky during puberty
  • how to keep your body clean
  • the importance of bathing, cleaning and grooming
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Emotional Changes in Puberty

In this module, I will take you through the most common emotional changes that happen in puberty. We will take about mood swings, crying, screaming, anxiety and mental health. 

My hope is that after you watch this video parents will better understand what is going on with their daughters moods and feelings and how to respond to it. I also hope that girls will better understand their own feelings more and practice some skills around regulating their feelings.

Emotional Changes

In this lesson you will learn about:

  • changes in your brain that affect decision making
  • why you may be moody
  • anxiety
  • stress 
  • self image
  • ways to manage stress and big emotions
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Social Changes in Puberty

In this last major module we will discuss all things friendships. I explain why your moods affect your interests and how to deal with changing friendships. I find that this is the area that a lot of girls really struggle with so I do my best to present this in a way that is helpful to both parent and child.

We also talk about things like social media, self esteem and bullying. I walk you through peer pressure and how to say no when you need to. There is a lot of good information here that I hope will be helpful in navigating the major social changes that are typical during this time.

Social changes during puberty

In this lesson you will learn about:

  • Friendships
  • Social issues
  • Peer pressure
  • Bullying
1 Lesson

Bonus Q&A From Girls Who Have Taken This Class Before!

In the live version of this class this is my favorite part! This is where the girls and the parents ask me anonymous questions about what I just taught them. 

For this bonus module, I randomly selected cards with their questions on them and answered them. In the future, I want to hear from you! Please comment here or go to the private Facebook page and ask questions, I will be sure to respond.

Bonus Q&A

In this bonus section I answer a few commonly asked questions randomly selected from the hundreds of questions that I have saved from the years of teaching this class. Enjoy!